Reserve your limited edition PlayTable for $99

Ash Wood

Ash wood PlayTable

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood PlayTable

Brushed Aluminum

Matte black PlayTable

Many of you have asked about custom materials and finishes for your PlayTable.
So we went to work with our industrial design team to give you more options.

You can now reserve your PlayTable in one of three limited edition finishes.
Ash Wood, Cherry Wood, and Brushed Aluminum

We can only make 500 of these models, so reserve yours today for $99!

(See full technical specifications)


By reserving today:

  • You will be among the first to receive your limited edition PlayTable
  • You secure the Early Bird price of $349 (public launch price will be $599)
  • You have 100% refund guarantee before public launch

***Full Terms & Conditions below***

Terms & Conditions

***Your $99 reservation fee will be applied to the final price of PlayTable at launch. We will contact you to pay the remainder of the final price before shipping your Playtable.***

***100% Refund Guarantee: Anytime before we move into production of these limited edition models, you may request a full refund of your $99 reservation fee - no questions asked. We have shown our latest versions of the industrial design, but the final design may change. We will update you with each new version as we move toward production. If you would like to change your choice of finish or have any questions, please contact [email protected]***

Reserving your
Limited Edition Playtable