PlayTable Frequently Asked Questions

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PlayTable is a tabletop gaming console made for playing with a group of people. It's like the Netflix for board and card games - imagine having instant access to a library of board games, the ability to learn them in minutes, and create and customize your own versions. Oh and you can use physical pieces, cards, and your mobile phone with your PlayTable.

Yes. Not a video-editing magic here. All of the footage you see on all of our videos are real and unaltered.

Besides the awesome fact that you can use physical pieces? Well… PlayTable’s the only console meant for truly social gameplay. Sit around a table and play - reimagine your Friday night together with friends and family!

We are aiming to make PlayTable affordable for everyone. PlayTable will MSRP for $599. By reserving early today, you'll get a steep discount at $349.

Your $99 reservation will go toward the purchase of PlayTable, regardless of what the final price is (and as always, 100% refundable if it turns out it isn't what you imagined).

As for games, the price of each one in the PlayTable ecosystem is up to the developer/publisher. We are looking at an average price of $20-30 (just enough to make up for the care that goes into the games while being lower than your average console game).

We have 30+ games signed for launch. We have ongoing conversations with many board game publishers and IP holders to ensure you will have the latest games available on PlayTable.

We don't have any official delivery dates yet

All you need is a WiFi connection, and a group of friends. We would ship PlayTable with WiFi and friends if we could though!

You’ll also see that some of the games use physical pieces, cards, dice, or even your mobile phone. The pieces will be sold separately.

PlayTable also works with existing figures and pieces you may already have. You will be able to purchase packs of NFC stickers to make them compatible with PlayTable. Put a sticker on each figure or piece and easily program them into your favorite games.

PlayTable is completely spill-proof. We’ve spilled water, wine, beer, soda, pizza, everything you would imagine, during playtests. With that said, PlayTable cannot be your scuba-diving buddy. Take it to the Australian Reefs at your own risk.

Bang-proof = yes. For most humans (and kids), yes. If you drop an elephant on it, no.

Games & Apps

  • Simple board games like Risk, Monopoly, and Ticket to Ride
  • Euro favorites like Settlers of Catan.
  • Even mobile games like Plants vs. Zombies!
  • RPGs like Pathfinder, D&D, or miniature-based games like X-wing.
  • Classic games like Chess and Checkers.
  • Party games like Coup, Resistance, and Mafia.
  • Card games like Poker and Texas Hold'em.
  • Or you can just make your own, or modify existing versions.

We aren't announcing any official titles yet, but we're board game players ourselves and are looking forward to working with a diverse number of games, including titles both big and small. In addition, we're exploring a few titles to pre-load for free, but have not decided on which games just yet.

All games and updates will be available through the PlayTable Store app.

The PlayTable Store app is a curated selection of games published on the Google Play Store and verified through your PlayTable account. This app is like Netflix or Steam exclusively for digital tabletop games optimized for PlayTable devices.

Of course, you are always able to download Android apps and games directly from the Google Play Store.

Yes. PlayTable runs a custom Android OS registered with Google services. You will be able to run all your standard apps (Netflix, YouTube, Gmail, etc.).

Most PlayTable apps will be developed exclusively by our game studio for the first year. We want to ensure that quality games are produced and that you have a library to suit your favorite board game genres. We are also working with select 3rd party developers and studios to make unique apps and games for the PlayTable.

We will eventually release our SDK to enable all 3rd party developers to make games with physical pieces and multi-screen features.

Online or local play support depends on the app/game. However, the #1 requested feature by players like you is online play with friends and family, so all digital board games produced by our game studio and partner studios will support online play. We want you to play with your friends across town and around the world!

Hardware & Device Specifications

(See full device specifications)

We are planning to ship both a 24" and 32" version initially. We look forward to anything beyond that, but can't promise anything in the near future.

We have experimented with table-embedded units, and a custom 55" table is something that we're down to custom order following our initial release of 24" and 32" models

Every PlayTable will have a 1 year warranty. Each unit is also made with an industrial-grade glass cover over the screen that prevents spill damage and protects the screen.

Yes. PlayTable has both video input and output ports.

Every game that uses a smartphone will be compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

Company & Partnerships

We are currently limiting our development units and SDK to select developers and studios. If you are interested in working with us, please register yourself or team here:

Then, if you'd like to dive deeper, please email jimmy[at]

We are developing our rollout plan to select venues in the United States in Spring 2017. If you would like to have your game shop participate, please register your game shop here:

Then, if you'd like to dive deeper, please email jimmy[at]!

Please email licensing[at]

Yes. Please email careers[at] with your cover letter and resume. We welcome game developers, designers, hardware hackers, and makers of all kinds!

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