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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PlayTable?

PlayTable is the ultimate device for bringing people together. We breathe new life into the classic tabletop experience to make board games easier to learn, teach, play, and customize.

Does PlayTable really work with physical pieces and cards?

Yes. Not a video-editing magic here. All of the footage you see on all of our videos are real and unaltered.

How much is PlayTable?

We aim to make PlayTable affordable for everyone. PlayTable will MSRP for $599, but we are giving a steep discount to our early supporters. You can reserve now to lock in our $349 early bird special.

We ask for $99 to put your name on the reservation list, which will go towards your final price of $349.

The $99 reservation fee is fully refundable.


Which games are on PlayTable?

We are not officially announcing which titles we’ve secured for PlayTable yet.

Who develops apps and games for PlayTable?

Most PlayTable apps will be developed exclusively by our game studio for the first year. We want to ensure that quality games are produced and that you have a library to suit your favorite board game genres. We are also working with select 3rd party developers and studios to make unique apps and games for the PlayTable.

We will eventually release our SDK to enable all 3rd party developers to make games with physical pieces and multi-screen features.

Will new games be added to PlayTable’s library?

Yes, we will be actively updating and adding new games. Games will be available for individual purchase with a price point up to the publisher’s discretion.

We intend for games to be provided at a $10 - $30 price point.


Does PlayTable have a battery?

No. PlayTable will require a power outlet. We’ve found that adding a battery would significantly increase the weight, cost, and we don’t really see someone taking PlayTable to play on a train.

How durable is PlayTable? Waterproof?

PlayTable is completely spill-proof. We’ve spilled water, wine, beer, soda, pizza, everything you would imagine, during playtests. With that said, PlayTable cannot be your scuba-diving buddy. Take it to the Australian Reefs at your own risk.

Bang-proof = yes. For most humans (and kids), yes. If you drop an elephant on it, no.

What sizes are available?

We are planning to ship both a 24" and 32" version initially. We look forward to anything beyond that, but can't promise anything in the near future.

We have experimented with table-embedded units, and a custom 55" table is something that we're down to custom order following our initial release of 24" and 32" models.


When will PlayTable ship?

We are still in active development, with no official release dates yet.

Will PlayTable ship outside of the United States?

While we’re just targeting US customers right now, we do intend to ship internationally eventually. However, we are still early and things may change.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to make the reservations a fully-refundable one.


Can I play over the internet?

Yes! With our remote play feature, you’ll be able to play with friends online, as if they were in the same room.

What is the warranty?

Every PlayTable will have a 1 year warranty. Each unit is also made with an industrial-grade glass cover over the screen that prevents spill damage and protects the screen.

Do I need anything else to use PlayTable?

You won’t need anything else to use PlayTable -- all our games will have the physical components optional.

PlayTable works with existing figures and pieces you may already have. You will be able to purchase packs of NFC stickers to make them compatible with PlayTable.

A WiFi connection is needed to download new games and to connect with your smartphone.

Is the PlayTable available in different languages?

We are working through localization as we go through PlayTable’s development process.


I’d like to develop games for PlayTable. Whom do I talk to?

Email our CEO at: jimmy [at]

I’m a board game publisher and I’d like my game on PlayTable. Whom do I talk to?

Email our CEO at: jimmy [at]

I own a local board game shop and would love to have PlayTable in our store. Whom do I talk to?

Email our CEO at: jimmy [at]

I’d love to work for PlayTable. Whom do I talk to?

Email our CEO at: jimmy [at]

PlayTable Tech Specs

Ash wood render


  •    24" (61 cm) diagonal screen size
  •    Full HD 1920 x 1080p display
  •    Anti-glare display with wide viewing angle

Computing Unit

  •    Android OS 5.0
  •    Built-in WiFi
  •    16GB storage with expansion slot
  •    Complimentary cloud storage


  •    AC power adapter


  •    3x USB 2.0 for charging devices
  •    1 x micro-USB OTG
  •    1 x HDMI 2.0 for video input


  •    2x stereo speakers


  •    ~15 lbs. (6.8kg)


Sign up for free and get a big discount when PlayTable launches!

Contact Us

Please direct any inquiries (press or otherwise) to our CEO at jimmy [at]