Meet PlayTable, the world's first board game console


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Playing poker, live, on tablets. The future of gaming is soon. #PlayPrizm

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The Future of Play is Here

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PlayTable has a big touchscreen and it’s not only for fingers. SmartPieces are special NFC objects that PlayTable can sense anywhere on its touchscreen. In fact any toy, figure, or miniature can become a SmartPiece with one of our inexpensive NFC stickers!

SmartPieces can also be used in a variety of apps beyond gaming like educational, art, and music. Imagine learning about gravity by moving SmartPiece planets, experimenting with ecosystems by dropping in SmartPiece animals, or discovering harmonies with SmartPiece instruments. That’s the kind of physical and creative play we dream of with PlayTable!



Playing around the same table, with all our friends and family, is priceless. But so often we can’t all be there to play. RemotePlay allows you play with your group wherever you are. Games with RemotePlay join two or more PlayTables and their players into the same game session. Add in a video chat app with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and it’s like your remote friend or loved one is right there playing across from you.

Games with RemotePlay also let you connect to a game session from a laptop alone. So anyone in your play group can join a game from anywhere in the world, even without a PlayTable!



Many board games require players to have cards or other kinds of private information in their hand. MultiScreen allows games to put those secrets on your smartphone or tablet. Games with MultiScreen extend the PlayTable into our personal devices so you can have authentic social play in a digital environment, but where screens are not the center of attention.



When you love a board game, you want to expand it, tweak the rules, even mix pieces and characters from other games. With GameCraft, you can customize your board games like never before! Upgrade your meeples with toy-to-life figures, add SmartPiece cards to cause special effects with each play, and download the best home-brew house rules from the community to keep your games fresh forever.

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